The Brighton Beachcombers started life as the Brightonians in 1999 with help from a couple of dedicated London and Redhill players and the support of the British Softball Federation. Since then we’ve changed our name and have increased our player numbers year by year, playing regularly through both summer and winter seasons. We welcome players of all abilities and backgrounds. Beginners are always welcome to come along and give softball a go!

We adhere to BSUK’s Joint Safeguarding Policy and Procedures. You can read these here.

Brighton Beachcombers Constitution

What is softball?

Softball is a bat-and-ball sport derived from baseball. It is specifically meant to be faster-paced and easier to play for beginners.

There are different varieties of softball: fastpitch, slowpitch, single-sex and co-ed. In Brighton we play co-ed (men and women play together) slowpitch (the ball is pitched at the batter slowly so it’s easier to hit) at the Recreational level.

If you want to find out how to play, check out our Beginner’s Guide; if you want to find out what it looks like, you’ll have to come out and play!

UK Softball

Most softball in the UK is of the co-ed slowpitch variety. There is also some fastpitch (especially women’s), and some single-sex. There are four divisions:

  • A: Also known as A-grade, it is the top competitive level of the country. It is mostly based around a number of weekend tournaments throughout the UK.
  • B: Also known as B-grade, it is the intermediate level. Many weekend tournaments include both A and B competition at the same venue.
  • C: Also known as C-grade, it is a recreational level which is aimed at playing softball in a fun and social environment. This is the level into which we usually enter our teams. There are many recreational leagues all over the country, and many one-day and weekend tournaments during the summer season, sometimes combined with other levels of play.
  • D: Also known as D-grade, it is the entry-level division for developing teams and players. It is key in making the sport accessible to new players. There are D-grade tournaments all over the country during the summer season, often combined with C-grade competition.

The Brighton Beachcombers are a C-grade, Recreational team, although we occasionally enter B-grade tournaments and field our very strongest side. For more about us, check out our News page and our Code of Conduct.

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