The Brighton Beachcombers Softball Club is the original and best softball club in Brighton, UK.

We are always looking for new players of any gender and any level of experience, aged 15 or above. Have a look around our site, see what we’re up to and get in touch! Drop us an email or grab us on Twitter or Facebook.

While you here, check out how to play softball!

The outdoor season runs from April to September:

  • We practice every Wednesday* from April to September at Preston Park, on our very own diamond. If you are new to the club you are always welcome to watch and come to the pub afterwards, but you will only be able to participate on Wednesdays when there is a coach present – keep an eye on the site for announcements! We start at 6pm and go until the light fades. The bad weather rule is: practice goes ahead unless it’s raining heavily at 6pm. After practice we head to the pub, so come out for that if you can’t make it at 6pm!
  • The Beachcombers play in various weekend tournaments throughout the outdoor season. All the dates are in our Calendar.

* There may be the odd exception, such as near the Pride festival; check the Calendar for any changes.

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