2013 Teams

We have a plan for this year’s Brighton-based games. The Beachcombers’ players are being divided into two teams, the BrightSox and the BlackSox, who will be playing official games against each other fortnightly through the rest of the season. It’s possible that we’ll get a chance to play against a team made up of non-Beachcombers, but don’t hold your breath.

Here are the draft team rosters. Things may change, so don’t get any tattoos just yet. If your name is not on there, get in touch and we’ll assign you to a team.

Black Sox


  • Andrew
  • Daniel Patterson
  • George
  • Jamie
  • John Stockdyk
  • Nic Bowker
  • Scott Muir
  • Steve Lyons (captain)
  • Steve Rutter
  • Tom Runicman
  • Warren Smart


  • Amy Holtz
  • Bridget Slater
  • Holly Wakefield
  • Jazz Dhaliwal
  • Jenny Diplock
  • Julia Kidd
  • Les Vlaservich
  • Tam R-G

Bright Sox


  • Adam Betteridge
  • Ali Hawa
  • Chris Gault
  • Devin
  • John Burbridge
  • Martin Digon
  • Max Williams
  • Neale Type
  • Philip Lusher
  • Roger Sharratt (co-captain)
  • Simon Elliott


If you have any ideas on how to improve this, shout!

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