2013 contact

The Beachcombers are a club run by the members, for the members.

Any questions? Drop us an email or grab us on Twitter or Facebook.

If you are wondering what what we look like or want to get in touch with one of us in particular, these are the people making it all happen in 2013:

  • Club Contact
    Get in touch with Sarah if you’re thinking about coming along for the first time.
  • Co-Presidents
    07738 716532
    We get stuff done…
  • Head Coach and Webmaster
    07776 328757
    Everything I do, I do it to make you a better player and a better person.
  • Coach
    07734 657661
    I can make cakes!
  • Fun Stuff Organiser
  • BlackSox Captain, Coach and Marketing
    07760 480360
  • Treasurer
    “I’m not very imaginative with that sort of thing.”
  • Coach, BrightSox Captain
    “I really shouldn’t take study leave…”

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