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The Brighton Beachcombers Softball Club is the original and best softball club in Brighton, UK.

We are always looking for new players of either sex and any level of experience, aged 15 or above. So have a look around our site, see what we’re up to and get in touch! Drop us an email or grab us on Twitter or Facebook.

The outdoor season runs from the end of March until September, and consists of:

  • Women-only events: We want to make sure we welcome and cater for women in softball, so we will be running events specifically designed for you. Find out about the next one here. Come along, bring a friend!
  • Weekly practices at Preston Park (or sometimes Dyke Road Park, check the Calendar) in Brighton: Every Wednesday from the end of March, starting at 6pm and lasting until the light fades. In each practice we do a bit of a warmup and some drills to learn and improve our playing skills, and then we jump into a game. Afterwards we retire to a pub nearby for a drink or two and maybe some food. This is the chance for you to just turn up and start playing, whether you are complete rookie or a seasoned pro. Check the calendar and get in touch to come and give it a go! (Cost per practice: £3.50 (£2.50 unwaged); one-off cost for whole season: £55 (£40 unwaged). This pays for field hire and equipment.)
  • The Brighton & Hove Softball League: BHSL logo This will be the 2nd year of the new Brighton & Hove League! The league will feature two divisions, a top competitive one and a bottom development one. The Beachcombers Club will be entering 2 teams into the top division, and 1 team into the bottom division. Our old friends the Hove Tuesdays and the Brighton Blaggards will be entering one team in each division, and a new team coming onto the scene.
    Check out our excellent team lineups, and come along so we can add your name to one of the teams.
  • Tournaments all over the UK: These are 1- or 2-day weekend tournaments where teams from different divisions and leagues all over the country get together for some intense softball – there’s nothing like playing 6 games in a day! Check the calendar for more details. (Cost: approximately £10-£12 per day. This pays for tournament entry fees.)
  • Socialising! The practices, the missed balls, the drinks afterwards, the travelling, the camping, the tournament parties… it’s what we’re here for, it’s what makes the game special. (Cost: mine’s a cider).

Who’s up for it?

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