2012 outdoor fields

Where can you find us? It depends:

  • Our home ground in Preston Park: This is where we play every Wednesday between the end of March and September, from 6pm until the sun goes down (unless the circus or Pride are on). The field is right next to the A23 speed camera. Nearest postcode: BN1 6AZ
  • The Pavilion Fields at Waterhall: Brighton’s baseball and softball community is joining forces to recondition these fields so that the Brighton & Hove Softball League can be played there this year. Get excited!Nearest postcode: BN1 8YR
  • Public transport to Waterhall – the easiest way to get to Waterhall by public transport is to get the No.27 bus towards Westdene. Ask the driver to stop at Green Ridge, walk across the field next to the Windmill (you can’t miss the windmill), there’s a gate on the other side of the field, go through this, cross over the road, and then use the footbridge and path to lead you down to Waterhall field. You should be able to see the baseball diamond from the end of the footbridge.
  • The Dyke Road Park field: This is the 2nd field in Brighton, where we play when the circus or Pride are in town. Nearest postcode: BN3 6NF
  • The various pubs we may go to after practice: Come along!

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