COVID-19 Health Declaration

The purpose of this Health Declaration is to set out the terms and conditions which you must comply with if you wish to participate.

I, the Participant, hereby confirm and agree that I wish to return to play; and in doing so I confirm that:

  • I do not have, and nobody in my household has (including within the past 14 days), any of the symptoms of coronavirus, as set out on the NHS website from time to time, including without limitation a high temperature, a new continuous cough, or a loss or change to sense of smell or taste;
  • I will immediately inform the Brighton Beachcombers Softball Club if I (or anybody with whom I have been in close contact) develop coronavirus symptoms. In such circumstances, I shall follow the Government’s guidance in relation to self-isolating and I shall not attend the Brighton Beachcombers Softball Club’s event, premises or facilities;
  • I will comply with all relevant guidance, rules, policies and advice published or made available from time to time by the Government, the World Health Organisation and the Brighton Beachcombers Softball Club in relation to coronavirus, including without limitation in relation to applicable social distancing measures;
  • I understand and accept the potential risks associated with returning to play in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, including without limitation the risk of unintended transmission of the disease, and I will comply with all of the Brighton Beachcombers Softball Club’s reasonable instructions in connection with coronavirus;
  • If required by the Brighton Beachcombers Softball Club from time to time, I agree to complete a medical declaration form prior to being permitted entry to the Activity Provider’s premises or facilities. I acknowledge that any failure to do so may result in access being denied; and

I give my consent to my personal data (including any ‘special category personal data’, such as data pertaining to my health) being processed by or on behalf of the Brighton Beachcombers Softball Club, in accordance with the terms of its GDPR Statement, including without limitation in connection with the Government’s coronavirus Test and Trace policy.

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