Hi Beachcombers,

It’s been five months since we played softball together, but it feels like much longer! I’m happy to say that BaseballSoftballUK‘s (BSUK) Return to Play guidance has been approved by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and we are able to play softball again. We will, of course, need to follow certain hygiene and social distancing guidelines for everyone’s safety and to help stop the spread of COVID-19. See further down for more information about these.

All of BSUK’s Return to Play information can be found here:
Our first session will take place on Wednesday 12th August at Preston Park, starting at 6pm. We’ll have seven sessions in total before the end of the season, with the final session taking place on Wednesday 23rd September. Obviously this may all change depending on any changes to Govornment advice, but this is the plan as it stands.

If you want to attend any of our sessions, you’ll need to complete the Return to Play Survey to register as a club member. You’ll also need to complete and return an “Opt In” form for the NHS Track & Trace programme.

Link to Return to Play Survey

Link to “Opt in” Form

If you don’t want to participate this year, it would still be helpful to know. Please let us know by completing the Return to Play Survey.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please let me know.

I hope to see you soon!



Please read the following important information

Medically High Risk groups as defined by the NHS (see link below) are discouraged from putting themselves at risk in line with Government guidelines. (see link below). BaseballSoftballUK recommends they do not participate in softball activity.

NHS High Risk groups:

Government guidelines:

Please note the following protocols which must be followed by all participants this season:


– Check for symptoms of Covid-19. If you are symptomatic and/or living in a household with a possible infection, you must remain at home and follow Government guidance.

– All participants MUST complete and sign our “Opt in” form for NHS Track & Trace.

– All participants MUST register attendance at each session they attend

– Follow Government guidance on public transport or car-sharing.

– Limit the time spent congregating before activity begins. Participants should arrive changed and ready to begin.

– Adhere to social distancing EXCEPT when the ball is in play: any close proximity and face-to-face interactions must be kept to an absolute minimum and for the shortest time possible.

– Adhere to social distancing on sidelines.

– Disinfect all personal equipment before and after warming up and before the game (alcohol wipes will be available at all sessions).

– Bring your own hand sanitiser where possible, use it and wash your hands regularly (hand sanitiser will be available at all sessions).

– Players must use hand sanitiser prior to warming up with equipment or the game itself.

– Players must avoid sharing equipment and use their own helmet, glove, mitt, batting gloves, bat, etc., where possible. Sharing of equipment is discouraged and items disinfected between use if shared.

– Spectators are discouraged and must adhere to social distancing if present.


– If a player fails to reach base while batting, they must pick up their own bat (by the handle) upon leaving the field.

– If a player gets on base while batting, the on-deck batter must remove the bat (by the barrel).

– Sharing bats is discouraged. If shared, they must be disinfected between uses.

– Balls must be disinfected after warm up and prior to each inning.

– Balls used in tag plays should be taken out of play and disinfected immediately before being returned to play.

– Catchers must be positioned a minimum of 1m behind the batter.

– If the umpire assesses that in calling balls and strikes, a 1m+ distance from the catcher can be regularly maintained, no mitigations are necessary. Otherwise, umpires may choose to call balls and strikes from behind the pitcher, without need for face coverings.

– Players should bring individual drinks containers and refrain from sharing drinks with other players.

– Chewing gum, tobacco or seeds, spitting into gloves/mitts, licking fingers, smoking or vaping not permitted.


– Socialise after the event in line with current Government guidelines on hospitality.

– Report any subsequent Covid-19 case of self of household to the NHS and your event organiser.

That’s all for now folks!


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