Brighton SnowBall Indoor Tournament 2014

Brighton SnowBall Indoor Tournament 2014

Sunday December 14th saw the Beachcomber’s host the first ever Brighton Indoor SnowBall Tournament! Eight teams travelled from all over Sussex to participate on a very cold, crisp December morning at our usual indoor venue at Sussex University.

Two halls were hired and two sets of round robins took place. Hall 1 hosted the Bright Sox, Chichester Falcons, Zombies and the Solent Sluggers, whilst hall 2 hosted the Black Sox, Vampire Batters, Portsmouth Dodgers and Southampton Spitfires. The excitement was building and tensions ran high. Some outstanding plays were seen in both halls, as well as some pieces of Softball MAGIC, including an extremely impressive (and very elusive) triple play! Five minute innings saw people have just about enough time to try and get to grips with our scoring method before the next game was due to start! Twelve games later, it was time to tally up the scores on the doors…

A short turnaround was needed, whilst Roger and I realised just how bad at math we both are. Meanwhile in Hall 2, mince pies and gingerbread were dished out to the elite crew of athletes to refuel before the all important second half…

Into the Cup and Hall 1 went:

Bright Sox

Vampire Batters

Portsmouth Dodgers

Solent Sluggers

And into the Plate in Hall 2 went:

Black Sox

Chichester Falcons

Southampton Spitfires


With much more at stake, you could literally feel the tension building amongst the teams as rivalries were born. In Hall 1, the Portsmouth Dodgers steamed into the lead with a massive game, scoring a massive 32 points in one game alone! In Hall 2, the Chichester Falcons convincingly placed one hand on the Plate with several HUGE scoring games!

After the second lot of round robins, all that was left to do was tally up the scores, establish the winners, and hand out the goods!

After a fantastic day, that saw our incredible umpires blue 24 games EACH, and Tam scoring a whopping 24 games the final placings were as follows:


WINNERS – Portsmouth Dodgers with 53 runs

RUNNERS UP – Bright Sox with 19

Third Place – Solent Sluggers with 13

Fourth Place – Vampire Batters with -11


WINNERS – Chichester Falcons with 61

RUNNERS UP – Black Sox with 39

Third Place – Zombies with 22

Fourth Place – Southampton Spitfires with 26

Huge thanks to everyone that came along, and to everyone that helped the day run as smoothly as it did!

Pictures are available on our Facebook page…although we’ve had to be a bit ruthless and trim it down from the 890 photos that we took! Feel free to tag yourselves in them, and we’ll hopefully see you next year!!!

Roger and Rochelle

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