Newsletter #12

Hi all!

So, this time next Sunday (7th September), we’ll have played in the Hit and Run 2 Tournament in Maidenhead! We are still a few players short of a full team! So far, the only people signed up are the following:



Jen S (arriving late)




Craig T

So we need three more girls, and one more guys at least! As you guys know, this is a tournament for newbies and developing teams. Our first game is at 10:10, but this is the same weekend the Maidenhead half marathon is taking place. So we need to be there by 09:00, because they’re closing the roads in the area for at least 3 hours…

If you’ve never been to a tournament this is definitely the one for you!!! It is meant as an easy going day of fun! Come onnnnnnnn!!!!

* STOOLBALL TASTER DAY! – September 14th. As many of you know, the lovely Rick Mason is heavily involved with several local stoolball teams. He’s asked if we want to see about hosting a taster day, where we spend the morning playing stoolball, then have a picnic, maybe a cheeky BBQ, followed by an afternoon playing softball and winning back some pride! Sounds cool right? Is this something we should try and sort out? If so, let us know asap so we can see about booking a venue etc. We’ll need at least ten of you!

With only four weeks left of the season, perhaps now is a good time to tell you that our indoor season will definitely be starting on OCTOBER 19th at Sussex Uni! Further details to follow, but thought you’d like to know when the first one will be…

That’s all for this week then guys…See you guys on Wednesday at 18:00 in Preston Park!

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