Newsletter #10

Hope you’ve all had a brilliant weekend? Sometimes, the time between Wednesdays seems soooooo long!! Just a few things to let you know about.

* WIT – 19-20TH JULY: The Beachcombers went to stormy/sunny/sweltering Slough last weekend to take part in the 25th Windsor tournament! Captains report will be coming…right Wendy?!?! ;)

NEXT PRACTICE: Next weekend (2nd and 3rd August) is PRIDE…so, we need to move practice to DYKE ROAD PARK on 30th July and the week after to give the council a chance to set everything up and then clean up. So for the next TWO WEEKS, practice will be at DYKE ROAD PARK. There is a map to the field on our website, parking is available opposite the Dyke Tavern, and we practice on the field behind the tennis courts…Any issues, let us know…

SUSSEX SOFTBALL SERIES: On SUNDAY 10TH AUGUST we will be playing against the Chichester Falcons…final details are yet to be arranged for this, but we need a team to field against them. It’ll either be held in Preston Park OR Chichester, so as soon as we know the details, we will let you know…The astute among you will realise this is on the same day as the Raft Race…After receiving the information for the raft race, it worked out that we would need to pay £100 to enter and then raise £500 as a team…! Not going to happen!! Sooooo…Sussex Softball Series it is! Sign up now!!

* “HIT AND RUN 2” – 7th SEPTEMBER: Still spaces for this tournament…Our team so far is as follows:

Wendy (hockey Wendy!)


Jen S




So…although it’s a long way off, we definitely need guys!!! Check your diaries and get back to us! The tournament will be nice and relaxed, as it’s mainly for rookies or developing teams (which we definitely are!)

If you’ve never been to a tournament this could be the one for you!!!

RECBALL (AKA LASTBALL) – 21st SEPTEMBER: IS COMING!!! Last tournament before Indoor…lot of fun! EXCITING!!!

TEAM SOCIAL: How about we all get together outside of regular practice?! Any ideas? Anything you’ve always wanted to do, but not on your own…let us know! We’ll see what we can arrange!

That’s all for this week guys! Let us know if you are able to play in any of the above games or tournies!

See you on Wednesday, 30th July at DYKE ROAD PARK!!

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