Newsletter #9

Hi gang!

Firstly, the Brighton Beachcombers would like to start off by saying a MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to our 2013 Clubman Max and his lovely wife Tor on the birth of their first child, a GAWJUS little boy!!! We can’t wait to see the pictures of him in Max’s MASSSSSIVE glove…AKA THE ABYSS!!  

Secondly, here’s what we have coming up…

* WIT – 19-20TH JULY (NEXT WEEKEND!): This time next weekend, we will have already played the first day of this brilliant tournament!! So, how’s our team looking? A little bit like this:

Jamie McCartney                                    Wendy Maples

Steve Lyons                                               Tam R-G

Daniel Patterson                                      Lauren Smith

Rick Mason (Saturday only)                 Jen Sissons

Craig Tilley (Sunday only)                     Rochelle Enticknap

So as you can see…we need one more guy on both days…if you’re new to softball, this is an opportunity to learn A LOT in a very short space of time!! We’ll help out with travel if that’s whats putting you off coming along…

The tournament is at Farnham Park near Slough and will cost £10 per day. There is camping available on site if you are that way inclined…alternatively, some of us are booked into the Copthorne Hotel for the Saturday night. 

Let us know ASAP if you’re want in!

* “HIT AND RUN 2” – 7th SEPTEMBER: This will be held in London, and again, there will be people driving from our area so don’t let “how would I get there and back” put you off!! Hopefully, you’ll have read the last email I sent, so you’ll know that this tournament will be very informal and relaxed…Again, £10 for the day! CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!!!

RECBALL (AKA LASTBALL) – 21st SEPTEMBER: Our FINAL TOURNAMENT of the season before we move to indoor softball! Aaaaaaaages away…so keep it in mind!

Tournament fees can be paid upfront, either at practice on Wednesday, or paid directly into the bank account. Please email us for account details.

Off the field…

* LEWES RAFT RACE 10TH AUGUST: We need to build our “flotation device” for this years race…although the organising body is still yet to send us the details through to sign us up…!! Don’t let that deter you though! Head over to our Facebook event page and sign up!! We need people to help build it, and people to race it allllll the way to Newhaven…EASY!!!

That’s all for this week guys! See you on Wednesday…same time, same place!!


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