Beachcombers Membership: fees, rosters, clothes

Want to be a true Beachcomber? It’s easy!

1.- Turn Up

Check out the Calendar to find out when we’re praticing next, and come out to play! If you have any doubts, you’re welcome to get in touch beforehand.


2.- Pay Up

Don’t fancy having to dig out change to pay for each practice session? Want to make sure we have funds for tournaments and other fun stuff? Then why not pay your outdoor fees upfront?!!? We’ll even throw in a HUUUUUGE discount! Upfront outdoor fees are just £55 for waged people and £40 for students and unwaged folk!! That’s a massive saving of 26 weeks for the price of 16!!! If you still want to pay-as-you-play, the cost of each practice is £3.50 (£2.50 for students and unwaged). all this money pays for field hire and equipment.

Our Treasurer is  AWESOME-O (AKA Tam), and you can pay directly into our bank account  (ask Tam for bank details) OR give her the cash at practice!!


3.- Sign Up

In order to become a MIGHTY BEACHCOMBER you need to be rostered; this makes sure you’re insured when you play. If you haven’t done so in previous seasons, you need to roster on this website:

It’s pretty self explanatory…just click the link and follow the steps!


4.- Dress Up

We have just had a new batch of HOODIES and CAPS delivered!! So if you want to look as GAWJUS as the rest of us! Purchase one at practice!! Hoodies are cheap at £20 and the caps are even cheaper at £7!!! BARGAAAAAAIN!!!

Before you buy yourself a softball glove or bat, talk to us! We want to make sure you get the right kit. We also have some brand-new gloves available, which you can try out and then purchase at discounted prices.

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