Brighton Beachcombers Code of Conduct

General conduct

Support your team and club.

Play by the rules of the game.

Be a good sport; recognise all good play, both by your team or your opponents.

Respect each other. Remember we all make mistakes.

Promote this Code of Conduct.

Have fun!

Game play conduct

Players may not be permitted to participate in a match if, in the Team Captain’s or Umpire’s view, they are in an unfit state to play, whether due to injury, attitude or inebriation. NB. Alcohol in moderation is allowed during games for non-junior members. However, if a player is deemed to have consumed too much alcohol prior to the start of a game they will not be allowed to play. No drugs.

No aggressive behaviour, verbal or physical.

Players are not to get involved in arguments with officials, club members, opposing players, or spectators, nor should they directly question an Umpire’s decision. In the event of a player having a legitimate complaint against a call, he/she should take it to the Team Captain, who will then decide how to proceed.

During a game, players are to remain on the team bench or in the immediate area while their team is at bat.

It is the responsibility of the Beachcomber who is in charge at each event (the team captain or practice coach, for example) to determine whether any infringements of this Code of Conduct have occurred, and act appropriately.

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