Bright Sox (H) 22 – Black Sox 9

Brights Shine in Second Beachcomber Game 

Thanks to the Black Sox for agreeing to the Brights having a six and four roster as the Brights couldn’t muster enough women on the day.  After a bit of a slow start (no score in the first inning), the game got going with some phenomenal runs by the Black Sox – and then a resounding reply by the Brights.  

In the fourth inning, the Brights nearly got through the order twice and stacked up an impressive 15 runs, despite great fielding from the Black Sox, and the smart pitching moves of veteran pitcher, Scott Muir.  Every Bright Sock had their glory moment – whether a beautiful line drive to centre right, bringing in a 3 RBI (Phil), or a perfect out at second (Johnny and Rochelle).  Sarah’s clean 3 RBI homerun was perhaps the batting highlight of the night.

The only downside to the event was that this was Johnny’s last practice with the Beachcombers.  Johnny also goes out in glory however, with a homerun slide at home – dust and flying softballers all over the place, just like it should be – and just enough of a war wound to show for it (don’t worry, Johnny, Dr Zing will fix up that elbow!)

Unfortunately, light ended play in the middle of an inning, reverting the scores – but it was a good competitive game throughout.  Final score: Bright Sox 22 – Black Sox 9

Match report by Wendy, Bright Sox Co-Captain

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