Black Sox (H) 14 – 4 Blaggards (Game Re-cap 19.06.12)

The Black Sox took on the Blaggards at Waterhall last night in what would prove to be another show of Black Sox hitting power.

The beautiful, sunny weather made for perfect conditions as no fewer that four Black Sox hit bombs during the game.

Amy, Scott, Simon and captain Steve all went long to push the score up and present the Blaggards with a difficult mountain to climb. That mountain wasn’t made any easier to scale given the solid defensive play from the Black Sox that resulted in the opposing team only scoring 4.

Highlight of the game has to be the great running catch by Paul Eustice in left-field in the 6th inning.

Final score for the game was 14-4 to Black Sox which is a nice reflection of the fact that every Black Sox player managed to get on base at least once during the game.

Big thanks to Rochelle and Paul from the Odd Sox for completing the line-up yesterday.

Black Sox line-up: Simon – 3B, Rochelle – LC, Scott – P, Amy – 1B, Paul C – RC, Bridget – 2B, Steve (Captain) – SS, Jenny – C, Paul E – LF, Julia – RF

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